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We are a constitutional monarch, King Letsie III is our Head of State while the The Right Honourable Prime Minister is the head of government.


The College of Chiefs


The Government of Lesotho


Legal System

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The College of Chiefs

The National College of Chiefs is a distinguished assembly of Principal Chiefs. Their noble mandate revolves around safeguarding the best interests of The Crown, as well as diligently overseeing and advising on the conduct of its esteemed members. While the inheritance of The Crown typically falls upon the firstborn son of the King, the College of Chiefs plays a pivotal role in influencing decisions and must grant approval for the coronation of the new king.


The Government of Lesotho

In Lesotho, our leadership is grounded in democratic values, with the Head of Government being the Prime Minister, elected every 5 years through democratic processes. We are delighted to share that our current Prime Minister is The Right Hon. Ntsokoane Samuel Matekane, leading a dynamic 15-person cabinet. This remarkable cabinet, chosen at His Majesty's recommendation, showcases inclusivity by appointing, for the first time in history, a female Deputy Prime Minister.

Our ministers, often selected from the 120 members of the House of Representatives through democratic votes, embody the diverse voices of our nation. Occasionally, the 11 members of the Senate, excluding Principal Chiefs, may also contribute to the cabinet. Together, we shape a future where every voice matters, creating a vibrant tapestry of governance in Lesotho.


The Legal System of Lesotho

In Lesotho, our legal framework is a harmonious blend of two systems, comprising Civil laws and the esteemed Melao ea Lerotholi (Laws of Lerotholi), rooted in the time-honoured traditions of Basotho governance since Moshoeshoe I. The Laws of Lerotholi, guide our traditional court system, formalised in 1903 by the Basotho National Council.

In the realm of civil law, we draw inspiration from the Roman Dutch system, with Lesotho proudly codifying its Constitution in 1993. We have periodic amendments to the constitution and other laws enacted by parliament. These legal foundations, including the Laws of Lerotholi, stand as a testament to our commitment to transparency, readily available to the public at The Government Printers in Maseru and here.


Institute of Directors

The Lesotho Institute of Directors is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering corporate governance excellence. As a non-partisan force, they extend their corporate governance services to government entities, non-governmental organisations, and private corporations.

In its commitment to advancing governance standards, it proudly unveils the Mohlomi Code of Good Practice, a tailored update inspired by the King's Code. This dynamic framework reflects the institute’s dedication to aligning with the unique business and governance climate of Lesotho.

For more details about the transformative Mohlomi Code click here.

Lesotho Government

Lesotho is governed by a multi-party parliament through democratic rule. Elections are held every five years with a government formed by a two thirds majority.

Prime Minister

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, National Security and Environment

Ntsokoane Samuel Matekane

The Head of the Government in Lesotho is the Prime Minister who is elected every 5 years by democratic election. He presides over a cabinet chosen at His Majesty’s recommendation.

The current Prime Minister of Lesotho is The Right Hon. Ntsokoane Samuel Matekane who presides over a 15-person cabinet.




King Letsie III is the head of the Royal Family with Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso. Together they have three children. Princess Senate, Princess ‘Maseeiso and Prince Lerotholi