Holidays and Special days in Lesotho.


Special Events

The Lesotho Wine Festival

Beautiful people, fashion, a live band and most importantly lots and lots of fine wine! With wine merchants coming in from Lesotho as well as neighbouring South Africa, the event is indeed a treat for the wine connoisseur.
Festival for those with a parched throat. Held every year between October and November the festival is the official start of the summer season and any self respecting wine connoisseur within the borders of Lesotho and the neighbouring Free State would not be caught dead missing it. https://lesothowine.co.ls.

Maletsunyane Braai Festival

Set against the backdrop of Maletsunyane falls, a Guiness world record holder of the longest single drop abseil in the world,The Maletsunyane Braai festival happens annually on the last weekend of November. Revellers can enjoy a weekend of braaing, local and international performances as well as adventures provided by the Maletsunyane falls. To learn more about the Maletsunyane Braai Festival visit https://www.maletsunyanebraaifest.co.ls.


Selemo sa Basotho

Traditionally the year in Lesotho begins in August. This is to coincide with the planting season and the beginning of a new life. In Sesotho the month of August is called “PHATO”. Phato is derived from the Sesotho phrase “Ho Fata -to dig” which refers to when the soil is ploughed into.

Moshoeshoe’s Day

King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho nation, died on March 11 1870. The day is celebrated in Lesotho in remembrance of our founding father and commemorating the anniversary of his death.

Independence Day

Every year Lesotho celebrates its independence on the 4th October. The nation gained independence on the 4th October 1966 after being a British protectorate since 12 March 1868. The country held their first independent elections soon after making Dr Leabua Jonathan the first Prime Minister of Lesotho.

King’s birthday

On the 17th July the country celebrates to commemorate the birthday of King Letsie III, the country’s reigning monarch. The celebrations move across the 10 districts every year and members of the public are invited to come celebrate with their king.




We are a constitutional monarch with the King being our head of state and Prime minister as the head of government. Delve in to learn more about governance in our idyllic mountain kingdom.